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How do I make it mandatory for someone to assign a request before working it?

Adrian Simpkins

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Hi All,

So I want to enforce our Users to accept and assign requests to themselves before working on any requests, as currently some Users are bypassing assigning requests which is preventing the BPM from triggering. I know there are various options to assign the request automatically to most available, round robin etc, but I just want to enforce acceptance of a request before anyone starts working on it - currently we assign to a team, start timers, send an email, then suspend await owner.

I had a look through the settings as well, but could not see anything obvious. Any ideas?

Thanks !


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Hi @Adrian Simpkins

Probably the best way to do this is to lock down request action buttons as part of your Business Process. 
This was you can specify which buttons and options are available to you analysts at which point of your process. For example in you scenario, whilst you are awaiting for the request to be assigned, you might choose to lock the "Resolution" action so that it means your analyst cannot actually perform a resolution until they have followed the process. The other benefit of this is that it grays out the "Locked" actions which should further guide the anlayst as to what they need to do next. In the screenshot below (for a change) I have locked everything other than the Assignment Node and the Schedule Node. 



To configure this, you would use the "Access Control" BPM node at the point you want the actions to be locked (see below screenshot). 
Just remember, that you will also need another node to Unlock them again, at the point you wish them to become available. 

One other point - anyone who has a Full Access role or above (e.g. Incident Management Full Access, Service Request Full Access, Service Desk Admin etc) will have the ability to override the locked action if required. More info can be found in the "Access Control" section of this wiki page. 



Hope this helps


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