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Turn off sharing Snippets and request list views when adding someone to a team

Adrian Simpkins

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Hi All

So our 1st line team require view access into all other teams request lists to provide a good service direct on the Service Desk.

However, when granting view access to other teams to allow the 1st line team access to other queues, this also shares all the Snippets and Custom request list views to them. Is there anyway to allow our 1st line team access to all other team queues without sharing all the associated config like the Snippets, Views etc?

Thanks !

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@Adrian Simpkins the snippets can be filtered by Service or team membership,  therefore as long as 1st line have access to other teams they will also have access to these. Might need an enhancement if you want greater control of the visibility of these on a per user basis perhaps.  With the Views however you should be able to do this.

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Hi Deen

Thanks for confirming, I think the main issue is they are having to scroll through a number of values in the Snippets / Custom View nodes, and this is causing some frustrations. Even with the Views option it still takes a little while for the User to navigate the offered options. If there could be an option to switch these off when granting someone View access to another teams queue this would be great!

Many thanks



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