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On Hold Message

Adrian Simpkins

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Hi All

Are there any settings or options available to send an automatic email when we put a request on hold (similar to the auto Update option) at all please? One of my Users is placing calls on hold, and is expecting an email to go out to the Customer to advise we have done this !

Many thanks

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Hi Deen,

Thank you for the above - I know we can control emails if the on-hold / off-hold is set within a BPM activity, but this is more about sending an email automatically when a request goes on hold whilst a User is working a request, so these would be ad-hoc on hold statuses rather than ones I would control via the BPM.

Would there be any scope to look at having an automatic email function for requests going on hold / off hold like the automatic email for Updates to a request?

In the interim I am advising our Users we should be encouraging our Customers to get their updates via the portal, or alternatively before placing a request on hold to post an update so that the automatic Update email is sent out


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