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Assign Action - Notification or Disable for users

Logan Graham

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We are wondering if it is possible to either disable the assignment action for certain members of a team or if there is a way to make it so if a ticket is reassigned using the action it notifies the team manager? 

The reason we would like this is some tickets get moved using this action and there is nothing to tell the line manager that this has been reassigned. 

Any ideas would be great.


Logan G

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@Logan Graham You can lock/unlock request actions as part of the BPM as detailed in this page of the wiki, however this would affect all Users, not just specific groups/individuals. A User with a "Full Access" Role will be able to override this lock, as would a Service Desk Admin - so you could, for example, have a Suspend: Wait For Request Owner node, followed by an Access Control node set to lock assignment. From this point on only a Service Desk Admin or Full Access User could re-assign the Request.


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