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Assets – Substates and name changes not updating

Andrew Spice

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Having used Asset Management for a while now we've come across a few issues with its functionality. The first which was raised with Dan was after the introduction of customisable State dependent Substates. We found that if a record state was changed on an asset it would clear the invalid substate but retain the previous substate in the main list view, the only way to clear this is to change the substate then change again to clear. I've also been told this doesn’t fully record in the history but not confirmed this myself.

More recently We've found a problem with name changes. In order for records to sync from our contact database we populate User ID with our unique ID number, this way if a name changes via marriage it doesn’t break the call history as only First Name/Last Name/Handle are updated. The problem is asset records are not reflecting this change and still displaying as the old name so if i search for Assets under the new name i find nothing and the old name no longer exists as a user. Odder still if I try and update the assets Used By field the new name wont display unless i search using the unique User ID. 

PS: When's proper filtering coming to the Asset Manager as its now available within call logs?

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Hi @Andrew Spice

as far the asset state/substate, we could not replicate the issue. If a record state is changed, the list view no longer shows the substate. Can you specify the class of asset you are experiencing this issue so we try to replicate? 
I will report the  substate change missing from the asset history.

The information about the Used By field are held in 2 properties, which are h_used_by and h_used_by_name.  Have you updated both of them with an entityUpdateRecord?

A new feature for creating custom views for assets will be available in one of the upcoming SM builds.





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Hi Armando and thanks for the reply.

Prior to using Assets in Hornbill we had the three States translated to Stock/Active/Retired and then configured the substates appropriately. So as I’ve just done I can change Retired/Disposed to Stock which clears the records disposed state but in the main Asset list view I now see Stock/Disposed even though this isn’t an option for Stock. Also on the history issue the Disposed change is not being recorded as its not being changed manually. I can reproduce this issue anytime you like.

Our Applications team handled the import of users via your suggested SQL import .json scripts on the Wiki so it would suggest that’s what’s not updating the fields you mentioned?

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