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Screenshots and other information in forum posts. Please read!


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On occasion during a conversations users might include information from their instance either using text or images (screenshots). We would like to remind everyone to exercise care when doing this. Hornbill section of the forums are public (mentioned in the section description) which means anyone with internet access can navigate to the forums and view the content here. Although Hornbill forums are mostly used by Hornbill subscribers there is no mechanism in place that would restrict a non authenticated guest to have visibility of the content. Therefore please take care and caution when you post something that would be deemed as sensitive or confidential. Please remove or obfuscate any content that qualifies as such. On many occasions we had to moderate the content, removing text or screenshots containing API keys to access an instance, screenshot with user personal details (names, email addresses) and while we will continue to moderate the content there is no guarantee that we will be able to catch all such content and in a timely manner.

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I would recommend greenshot for this.

It is a free tool and if you select 'Open in image editor' when you do your capture you there are options to allow you to obfuscate data/highlight/add step counters very easily.

One of the best tools I have used for grabbing screenshots and using them for forums or how to documentation 

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