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Viewing the detail behind System Updates

Frank Reay

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When we are advised of updates to the system they come through with very little info. For instance a recent one was:

As a Service Level Manager I want additional rule criteria for SLAs {CH00146261}

How do I find out more detail about this change? The TechWiki had nothing and I could not find anything from the Change Number. When I when to the SLA screen I did find a pop up window which was brilliant (but I had to find it). I had options of 'Got it' or 'Read Later'. I clicked on the latter but can no longer make it pop up.

So is there a central place with details behind these updates. And can I go back to the pop-up window?

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Hi Frank,

Here is the notification message that contains the list of the new criteria that can be used for the SLA rules.   These are just a few additional options to select from in a pick list when creating a rule.  Our documentation doesn't currently go down to a level that is granular enough to mention the new criteria.  You mentioned the TechWiki. While this change is not listed there, the What's New page should be updated quarterly to show some of the changes that have been released.  



I hope this helps.



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Thanks James. I have used the What's New Page (and it has been really useful) but as you say it does not tell us everything and sometimes it is the small unexpected things which make a big difference with customer's individual builds. 

I find it frustrating that you are not 'selling' all your changes and enhancements. Your guys are doing lots of great stuff but because it is not granular enough in one location I miss changes that could really help with my day to day work. Perhaps this is an improvement you could do to the What's New Page (have links to the pop-up's?)

btw the Read Later button does work for me - the pop-up window re-appears when I open a new session.

Finally have a very happy Christmas and all the best for 2020. Onwards and upwards!

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