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Continual Improvement


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I would like to use Hornbill to facilitate our IT department Continual Improvement process.

giving a centralised CI Register whilst being able to allocate and measure the resolution of these items

A Continual Improvement request type would be a great help

any ideas???

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@AndyGilly in the absence of a CI request type, could you use a dedicated service or a catalog item on each of your existing services - this way you can still raise, record, measure and report on the resolution of these (following your required workflow) using either the specific service or the Catalog Item name in order to filter these.  

If you utilised a separate service for this purpose, you could associate the actual service is related to via the linked service option on the request type of your choice.  

* Use of Service / Request Type specific sub-statuses to reflect your CI workflow milestones

* Use of Board Manager to visualise progress of each CI through it's lifecycle 

In terms of supporting your CI process, will features such as the following help?

* Customer Feedback - feedback from customers perspective 

* Searched for Terms on self service - i.e what are your customers searching for

* Ticket reviews - both structured and random (there are examples of both in the Hornbill sandbox instance)  - adherence to the existing processes in place 

Hope some of this helps  


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@Steven Boardman

thanks Steve, appreciate the reply

I guess my main challenge with using a IN or SR against a new service is that it means I would need to amend all my SLA reporting for those processes to not include this service (its about 40 or so items)

lots of the other functionality sounds ideal.

The types of CI items I wish to track mostly are the outcomes of major incident reviews, PIR's, our performance review meetings etc

I am wondering if tasks may be better?? Can we create any reporting against tasks????

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@AndyGilly I appreciate and understand your feedback on the existing request types. 

You can certainly report on tasks, the table you would need is h_sys_tasks 

We are looking at introducing a new request type of Cases in 2020, and this could possibly work for you?  I say that as with all labels, these have translation strings so you could re-name it as needed i.e CI Request (you would need to do this in a few places, but could be an option) 

We don't have a due date as such for the new request type but it is planned, and i have added you to the request as a connection, and once it is enters our 90 day window we can post back here and let you know. 

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