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  1. Morning i would really appreciate some guidance on the approach to building our own IT Automations i have: 1) built a service manager progressive captures that writes the parameters from the questions asked into Custom Variables 2) built a service manager BPM that will call the IT Automation or Runbook node to action a piece of Powershell built by ourselves and uploaded to the ITOM package library I am struggling to work out how i pass the appropriate input paramters into the automation node so they can be processed by the ITOM job appreciate any guidance
  2. Afternoon I know a job can be scheduled to run or initiated by a automation call from a service manager request. Is there an API or interface that allows a external call to start a job? thanks Andy
  3. Afternoon apologies but i cannot find any information on how to update the service build number for ITOM. Can anybody help? thanks Andy
  4. Hi Team we seem to have lost the ITOM option in our instance. Can somebody please take a look many thanks Andy
  5. Morning @James Ainsworth thought i would see how the review of this request was going?? thanks Andy
  6. Hi @Bob Dickinson, as a work around we have used the webbook functionality to capture the event in an on-prem database The plan is to push this data into Power BI to report on thanks Andy
  7. I wondered if it is possible to report on who the owner/ assignee team of a ticket was at the point an SLA target breached ??? many thanks Andy
  8. Can i please check if there is any URL impact of the new SSO approach?? many thanks Andy
  9. morning @James Ainsworth just thought i would check in on progress of this one. Its a show stopper for us, as soon as fixed we would like to launch Chat to our customers thanks Andy
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