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  1. Hi i wondered if it was possible to influence how and what the search widget returns currently it returns only 5 catalogue items before the customer has to click on the number found to expand to see the rest we have had feedback that this isn’t that obvious. I wonder if there is a setting that allows all results to be shown when searching? It would also be great to be able to hit ‘enter’ on the end of a search and a results page be shown. A bit like using the google search engine that so many people are very familiar with using. thanks Andy
  2. Thanks for the quick reply @Steve G i will have a chat with the dev
  3. We are trying to put some error handling into our PowerShell scripts that are making packages in ITOM. When the script is processing it does not seem to be able to step from a 'try' statement into a 'catch' The try is processed successfully if everything is valid but if its not then falling into the catch does not happen. The Powershell script itself seems to run OK in Powershell ISE would appreciate any thoughts or guidance thanks Andy
  4. thanks @Steve G, i have used that package and it is all working perfectly, thanks for the help
  5. Hi @Ricky did this item get accepted onto the list?? thanks Andy
  6. Hi @Ricky @Steve G for some reason the PowerShell cmdlet did not enable local execution globally, just for the local user context The answer was to go into the Local Group Policy Editor -> Local Computer Policy -> Administrative Templates -> Windows Components -> Windows PowerShell and double-click on 'Turn on Script Execution'. This then let me change it to 'Enabled' and then execution policy of "Allow all scripts" I would need to check with our security team to see if i can enable this policy on that machine fulltime Is this some
  7. thank you appreciated @James Ainsworth
  8. thanks @Steve G - appreciated, i will take a look
  9. thanks for the quick reply @Ricky, appreciated
  10. within a runbook I would like to use the output of a PowerShell script as the description of a service manager ticket. Can you help with the best way to achieve this?? thanks Andy
  11. Hi @Daniel Dekel our use case is that the separation of domain is used to enable reporting on domains of IT work. For us IT (customer facing SLA) & IT - Operational Maintenance (internal IT requests for back office maintenance of services) From a customer request perspective it would be great for the requestor not to have to understand which IT domain the request type is in , they could just hit an IT home page with both IT domain services visible thanks Andy
  12. Hi @James Ainsworth did this use case get reviewed any further thanks Andy
  13. Hi @Ricky we have moved on a bit but are now getting an error of: Error trying to add Device to Collection: This command cannot be run from the current drive. To run this command you must first connect to a Configuration Manager drive. appreciate any help thanks Andy
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