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  1. Hi @Ricky just checking in on the next ITOM release progress?? thanks Andy
  2. thanks @Graham understood we have built the error handling into the BPM that is triggering the request, it would have just been a nice visual in the job queue to see any failures in ITOM itself Andy
  3. Would it be possible to have the Job 'Outcome' available on the Job Queue main screen Currently a 'failed' job just shows the 'status' which would be success as the process completed, even if it completed with a 'failed' outcome thanks Andy
  4. Hi @Ricky by any chance did this one get accepted into the backlog? Just finding i am spending quite a lot of time during troubleshooting trying to find the matched jobs to request tickets e thanks Andy
  5. Hi @Ricky appreciate an update thanks Andy
  6. Hi @Ricky how we looking with this one?? thanks Andy
  7. Would it be possible to have a column in the job queue for the source of the job EG the hornbill request reference or runbook process ID this would really help with trouble shooting many thanks Andy
  8. Hi @Ricky any news on this one? its happened again post a SIS server reboot, we have had to log back in thanks Andy
  9. I would like to make it possible for team members to amend the service and/or catalogue item against a request. I understand this will not impact the BPM but from a visibility and reporting perspective this would be helpful in some cases I have had a look at auto tasks and custom buttons but cannot see a way that the process could happen with the ability to select the appropriate service or catalogue item from a drop down of valid options have anybody implemented something similar?? thanks Andy
  10. Hi @Ricky as an update: we are finding that in order for the Set-Execution policy job to work (it always states job successful but the policy has not changed) the server needs to be logged in as the Run As account and PowerShell open any other scenario - logged in but PowerShell closed, not logged in etc, the outcome is no change in the policy would appreciate any other thoughts you have thanks Andy
  11. Morning @Ricky it would be great to get an update, we are holding off putting our automated new starter process live until this fix is in & and I would like to plan our release if possible please thanks Andy
  12. thanks @Keith Stevenson, appreciated, I hadn't spotted that admin area
  13. Morning Does anyone know of a way of checking if an email was sent when using the email - direct message send functionality? Should it still be visible in the sent folder of the system mailbox? Is there a way of getting the email onto the audit trail of the ticket? many thanks Andy
  14. The service desk have been using the knowledge centre for a while with success We have found today that when logging a ticket in the agent portal using the 'New Request Process' that the knowledge centre suggestions that appear when you enter a summary or description do not represent the service portfolio subscription settings for the customer When using the knowledge centre in the Portal or in the agent portal under new incident or new request the correct catalogue items options are shown Can I check if this is by design or due to the process flow behind the 'new request approach' thanks Andy
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