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  1. thanks @AlexTumber do you know if there is anyway in the BPM I could write the supplier to a custom field when that sub state is used??
  2. Morning Can I please check if when this functionality is used and a supplier is linked to the ticket through the use of the sub-state. Is that supplier held in the main request table against that ticket forever? I would like to report against tickets that are linked to a supplier and see the SLA performance but am unsure if the supplier to ticket link persists post the ticket being resolved thanks Andy
  3. Morning Team we have started to build our own packages but are having problems reading the script when viewing post creation, can somebody please have a quick look?? thanks Andy
  4. Morning Team i keep getting the following error when ITOM tries to find the instance options for variables in the cloud automation request parameters. Is there something else we need to configure?? thanks Andy
  5. Hi @Ricky if you mean the service manager process. Then i know a colleague at Hornbill has recently released an update that allows us to turn on a setting that allows BPMs to be completed even if tasks are outstanding. See the link In this use case the runbook will be only creating the SR not resolving it. Do you think this makes a difference? thanks Andy
  6. @Ricky thanks for that , using the cloud automation works better are you able to help with the 2nd part? We would like to build tasks against the created request. In service manager BPM designer the creation of a task is within the Human Task node which doesnt seem to be available in ITOM??
  7. Hi @Ricky thanks for this, i can see how i create a request. what i was hoping to do was create some tasks with the request dependent on input parameters to the runbook. In service manager the creation of a task is within the Human Task node which doesnt seem to be available in ITOM?? Also, when creating the request i can not see how i would set the customer of the request (at creation). It seems to assume you are creating a request from within a request. Do you know if it possible to set the customer of the request via a input parameter to the runbook? thanks A
  8. We would like to add number tasks to a automatically created service request based on a number of variables passed into the runbook Can you help by proposing the best approach to achieving this??
  9. Hi we have a active directory group management job in error. It that worked fine previously then has started to get stuck in a 'waiting' state the debug log, monitor & and console views are empty in the job any ideas of what could be causing the issue? thanks Andy @Adam Toms
  10. Afternoon WW are looking to remove non MS edge chromium browsers from our default build can some please confirm if the early edge issues has been fixed and whether edge chromium has been used for any testing? many thanks Andy
  11. thanks @Bob Dickinson, hadnt set the Get service details node up first, now that is in the BPM all is working well
  12. morning @Bob Dickinson has the update that allows us to take this approach been released to customers? i cannot see the service domain in the list of variables on our instance currently thanks Andy
  13. thanks @bob, that would work, we already have a node setting a couple of variables, we will add that in
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