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  1. thanks @Deen, would be great if you could let me know if it formally gets accepted and whether its a 90 day item etc, it would allow us to plan for the work we need to do behind the release
  2. Morning Hornbill Team, any thoughts on this one? thanks Andy
  3. Hi @Martijn apologies it has taken a wile t come back, really appreciate the feedback, I will have a read and see how this can help the team thanks Andy
  4. Morning we are considering a use case for a second IT domain to capture and enable processes for operational maintenance requests that are not customer facing SLA driven activities. If we were to implement the domain I would need to be able to report separately the requests types across the 2 domains. At this time I cannot see that the service domain is added to the service manager request table for each ticket. Would this be possible to make future reporting easy?? any help would be appreciated. similar would also be a consideration for the implementation of any of the system domains thanks Andy
  5. we have an enquiry to whether it would be possible to add iframes to hornbill dashboards. this would mean that the hornbill dashboard could hold other reporting data that is pertinent to the team would appreciate the teams thoughts
  6. Hi Team we think it would be helpful to our customers if we could add a small amount of text to the chat icon. 'Chat is Live... How can we help?' Or something similar Any thoughts?? thanks Andy
  7. Hi Team I have a couple of enhancement proposals/ feedback from the WW team when using email in service manager 1. Can we please be able to add images into emails and snippets that we send out. 2. when we currently set up a snippet template for an email we cannot add in shortened links like this one Here we have to put the whole https://www.google.com/. It would be great to be able to do this 3. We are not able to reply to the email from the ticket, we have to open up the email in a new tab and then reply to the email. The reply doesn't add the email trail into the ticket nor does the base reply have any formatting. only way we have found to make it add the trail is to BCC it.support. Is there a better process to use appreciate your thoughts thanks Andy
  8. Afternoon, @TrevorKillick I know this is an old post but now we are into our trial this functionality would be helpful to use did anything ever reach live?? thanks Andy
  9. thanks @TrevorHarris seems to have done the trick
  10. thanks @Steven Boardman, really appreciated
  11. If helps, we have tried with edge and chrome
  12. We have tried to use the functionality below today during our trial without success, Could anyone help?? The in app notification is working
  13. I am wondering if anyone can help?? I would like to look create a measure to look at the average time taken to resolve a chat enquiry during our trial I have tried a date diff sql statement using the created and closed variables without success thanks Andy
  14. thanks for coming back @James Ainsworth It the replies that would be best for us. Just aiming at efficiency being the chat really. We try not to script the service desk, they are skilled individuals who we hope know how best to progress for the customer
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