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Override flags in PCF - to go to the same custom field?

Guest Paul Alexander

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Guest Paul Alexander

In a PCF, we have the override flags, which are great! 

However, in some instances, I would like to put the results of either of two options in to the same custom field.

For instance, I have a drop down select box with the following options:

  • Option 1
  • Option 2
  • Option 3


If I select Option 1, I have set an override so that I get the following list:

  • List 1-1
  • List 1-2
  • List 1-3

If I select Option 2 I get this list:

  • List 2-1
  • List 2-2
  • List 2-3


So, if I choose Option 1 OR Option 2 that info will go in to h_custom_a (for instance)

But, I can't put EITHER List 1-1 OR List -2-1 into h_custom_b because the PCF editor won't allow me to do that. This makes reporting a little more cumbersome because it depends on what I've chosen in the Options list as to where I need to look for other relevant data.

Is there any chance that some sort of override could be implemented where I can get a warning that the same custom field has been selected, but which I can then ignore?


I hope that all makes sense....




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@Paul Alexander thanks for the post, and yep it makes sense. 

It is not an immediate solution i am afraid, but we are currently re-working progressive capture for various reasons, not least making it more mobile friendly.  As part of this we are also looking to introduce a concept of data binding options, which by the sounds of this will cater for your challenge.

Realistically this is going to be 2020 with the availability of the new progressive capture functionality 

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