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Issue with Method smGetRequests?

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I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask this, but, anyway.

Since I've applied the last Service Manager update yesterday evening, the h_summary field is no longer being returned when the smGetRequests is run. The field name does not even return in the response anymore so not even like the value is in error.

Are you aware of any change or issue within the API?

Thanks and regards,


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@Victor, we were using this in order to retrieve the title of a request in order to include in a link to a request in one of our internal systems. We build a string using the Call reference and then h_summary in order to give users the full information on which call they are being linked to. For this, we pass in a 'keyword' parameter. So in reality, we could put any search term in there and it will return the results. (and this was working fine until yesterday)

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@Alberto M ok then smGetRequests is not really the best API for this purpose... smGetRequests is specifically designed for request list view, it works with ...well... views which can be customised in any way... it also restricts the request returned based on visibility, meaning what requests can the user access.. which is the API key user.. anyway, shouldn't really be used for this purpose. A much more appropriate API would be entityBrowseRecords2 (https://api.hornbill.com/data/?op=entityBrowseRecords2). To return the data you need, you can the following payload for your API call:

<methodCall service="data" method="entityBrowseRecords2">

For the <searchFilter> param, it really depends on how you search for requests, what requests needs to be returned by the API. Can you detail on this please, then I will be able to show you the full payload XML

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