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How to make a Finish button always appear on a progressive capture

Adrian Simpkins

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@Adrian Simpkins the Finish button appears once you get the end of the forms defined in the Progressive Capture workflow. This might happen if you hit a node that switches the Progressive Capture workflow being used. If that does happen and there's nothing to switch to, it will behave like a Finish button as there's nothing left to do, it just doesn't know that yet :)

Could that be the scenario you're seeing?

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Hi James

I think it has something to do with the end nodes on some of our business process - like the below screen shot we have some progressive captures where we have add attachment at the end, and this then has a decision node to either capture the attachment,  or if no attachment available this moves to End. From my checks selecting either option you do not get a Finish button, just a Next - I presume I would need to add another node before the End to make the Finish button appear ?

many thanks


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