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Turn off "menu" auto-hide


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You raise an interesting question and I thought it worth addressing. We have been evolving the employee service portal with some great new capabilities, many of which you will see over the coming weeks.   One of which is an intelligent search function that will "find info as you type", this will be a search on the portal page, not the top search bar.  One of the reasons why the top-bar auto-hides for basic users is to facilitate more fuller branding of the service portal you present to your end users, we felt that we wanted your companies branding/logo to be more prominent when presented to your end users. 

For power users (that is normal Hornbill platform users) we do not hide the top bar because the functional on the top-bar are primarily aimed at normal/power users. 

That being said, we are going to add a setting that will allow you to disable this auto-hide behaviour for basic users, that will be available in the coming weeks, we will post back here to let you know when its done. 


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