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apply email to request not functioning correctly


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Hiya - when you copy/paste a ticket number into the "apply to request" box, it doesnt auto-update the list of available tickets, it only seems to refresh the list if you type the ticket number in, which is a pain. please resolve,






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bump - is there a proper helpdesk for service manager? asin this a bug, not a request for help or a feature update - an actual bug that needs resolving,

i find it odd as a paying customer we have no way to report faults other than a community forum, which so far after 5 days hasnt even been responded to? 

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Hi @Gary@ADL

I have just tested this internally by copying and pasting a request reference in the "Apply to Request" popup and after waiting for approximately a second or two, the call reference that was pasted in automatically appeared/refreshed and was available for selection. Do you have any other refresh based issues with any other area of Hornbill? Also, which browser are you using? If may be worth trying another browser, and also checking with a colleague to see if there are any particular variables that might cause this issue. 

In regards to logging formal Incidents with Hornbill - we provide the support-by-forum-only option for those customers that do not wish to incur the additional cost of, or have no need for an enhanced success plan, like Premier Success.  This option though does not come with any service levels and so Hornbill does not commit to any timeframe for a response. Usually, you will find that someone does post a reply in a quick fashion, but obviously when something untoward is spotted, that is likely to not be fast enough for those on the receiving end. If you do need committed service levels for any incidents you report, then you might want to consider Premier Success moving forwards https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Premier_Success_Plan .

Kind Regards


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