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Add linked request with variable

Dan Munns

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To add some context here: 

We have a number of processes which require multiple requests. Project drops down to change which drops down to service request and vice versa.

If a user has raised something as a service request which requires a change to be logged, it may be another user logging the change (dependant on job roles etc). If they could log the change and add the SR reference, it would allow me to automatically link the requests rather than having people looking through request questions and linking requests manually.

The detail would be like this: User raises a review request (request for improvements to be investigated and made to existing processes), leg work is assigned to Lean Six Sigma green belt to investigate (collaboration licence only, details sent by email). Green belt finds improvements can be made and raises a change request for the central change team to make the process changes. They add the current review request reference number to the PC. BPM links the two requests together so the change team doesn't have to do it manually so when the new change request is assigned the analyst has all relevant info at the start.

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Hi Dan,

There is a discussion in this post below that sounds very similar.  Can you confirm and maybe if there is more to add for your requirement, you can conversation in that post.  We do have a change in our backlog for this, and if the requirement is the same as yours, I'll add you to the change.


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