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Log New Service Request Node


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I've been testing use of the node mentioned but when I executed the BPM, it seemed to get stuck in a loop and generated multiple duplicate requests. See BPM and node details below. I'm aware the flow will probably be flawed, but I wouldn't expect this behaviour.


Log new request node-details.PNG

Log new request node.PNG

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@neilcg is the request you are auto raising, creating a SR against the same service, which invokes the same Business Process - I.e is this Business process defined in the SR Config and Workflow for the service?


if so, your process looks like it executes, runs and is not paused or suspended by any tasks / actions etc - so it will simply loop as you describe and as part of this log a new SR, in turn it will run the same business process and raise another SR and so on and so on

On the wiki there is some information on the possible dangers which can be associated with these nodes, and also what to do should you find yourself in this position.  


There is a data cleanse utility which you can use if you want to clean up a large number of unwanted requests:  


As with the the above looping warning, we also advise you are very careful using the clean utility so you don't permanently delete more than you intended

Hope that helps  

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