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LDAP Import - optional information?

Guest Paul Alexander

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Guest Paul Alexander

Our LDAP import is set to bring in a users' pay ref from a custom field in AD and to use that info as part of the Handle field in Hornbill.

This all works perfectly well....except if, for some reason, the Pay Ref field in AD isn't filled in (this can sometimes take up to a week to be updated in AD after the employee joins the company)

If this happens, then the creation of the user in Hornbill fails with the error "The minimum length of the value in element <name> was expected to be 2 but was actually 0 at location '/methodCall/params/name'"

Is there a way of making this info optional in the import? Or will I need to make 2 import scripts - one for creation (without the pay ref number) and one for updates (with the pay ref number), just so that the account IS created regardless of whether the info is up to date in AD? This would be a pain as I have an import script for each of our 8 divisions...so a way of making the info optional would be better! 


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Guest Paul Alexander

HI @Martyn Houghton

Thanks for that....I did think of that, but it does then mean that employees who HAVE joined the company but whose details aren't up to date in AD can't then log any requests in Service Manager until their details are updated.

What I was looking for was a way of saying 'if this data exists use it, but if it DOESN'T exist, skip it'. 


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