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Rearrange Portfolios

Logan Graham

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Hi All,

Hoping you can help me, I am trying to see if there is a way to move the services in the service portfolio into a different order? I am doing a bit of work at the moment and soon we will only have 2 portfolios but for now we have about 6 and i would like to make the two new ones be the first ones they see on the right.

Like below.


Logan G

rearrange port.png

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Hi Logan,

I'm interested in your use of Services.  I see that you have a Facilities Service and then the other services all relate to IT.   The Services are designed as a high level container for Request Catalog Items which define the things that you can request under that services.  Items such as I need help and I want something are things that I would normally put under a service as a Request Catalog Item.

I was just wondering if you had considered having a service for Facilities and a service for IT and then build out the Request Catalog under each of these?

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@James Ainsworth

Hi James, we are actually changing the service desk so "I need help" and "I need something" are 2 areas that users can go to. We currently have a lot of portfolios for all different teams set up and what we are trying to do is set this so it is one area and then it will be IT support, finance support and facilities support as it is currently a bit of a mess. I think what we have currently is the wrong way round with how it works and is causing confusion with ticket logging. I would be good to have a chat with you actually on this if you have time as what we currently have seems a bit of a mess and what I am looking at implementing almost goes against what you are suggesting, it was something I discussed at insights with bob who seemed to be on the same sort of page as me. Luckily it won't be difficult to change anything I have in place as I haven't actually implemented it yet and it more trial and error at the moment.

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