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BPM Error while raising few tickets or openning team. Getting a red bar on the top

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@Prem Prakash gautam the reason for the error is included in the error details:

The text size provided (307 characters) is greater than the maximum allowable size of 275 characters for column h_summary

Column h_summary represents the the summary of  a request. The error means that when you are creating the request (I assume is created automatically) the text for request summary exceeds maximum allowed size for request summary.



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@Prathmesh Patel 

The reason for the error is: The service specified is not available: indexer

There is an ongoing issue with the indexing service that is affecting your instance which we are working to have fixed. Is an issue that also affects searching and the reason for this: 

On that particular request, if you restart the workflow, it should clear the error. (https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Business_Process_Designer - Workflow Failure and Recovery)

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