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  1. Hi, apologies for the confusion, This is about out of hours for our organization.
  2. Hi, Do we have functionality where we can setup out of office for hornbill emails. We are not available for 24x7 environment and need it to be setup. If there is no such feature, are there any alternatives?
  3. I am trying to implement a new password policy but it does not enforce until a user changes his/her password. Do we have a function available to set a password expiration time limit. If this is not possible as of now, Is there a way I can extract the report of all the users and their password to confirm if they have adhered to the new password policy?
  4. I am trying to set the SLA escalation is a way that it sends an email to owner, then it sends the email to owner's manager and so on. The problem is, if owner is not assigned, this process will fail.
  5. Hi, I want to send SLA notification to Team manager but there is no option to select in SLA notification event. There is an option to select Team which will send the email to everyone within the team. I want the notification to be sent only to the person/persons who is selected as manager for that team.
  6. I am using google chrome and has enabled the chat notification but this is not working as expected. When I enabled this feature, I got the pop-up notification once or twice and there after its the same, no pop-up notification. This does not look promising.
  7. No, We do not have SSO enabled in our environment. Do we have any other option?
  8. Hi,I would like to have a report or tags on the emails so that I can track it.For Example: If someone has moved the email to a specific folder or someone has deleted it, I should be able to see who has done it.This can be done either by any tags which we can put on that email or I need to know if I can extract a report for this.
  9. Hi,When a user initiates a chat, we do not get any sound notification, it's just a bell icon blinking which is not good enough. It's also important for a person to stay on the hornbill page to see this.Can we have a feature where a chat can pop-up on the top of all windows or we can have a sound notification.
  10. I am looking for a track if someone is moving email from one folder to another. If someone is moving an email from Inbox to deleted or any folder , I need to know that this person has moved this. I need to know if this is possible via a tag on email or through any reports
  11. Hi, We have a common mailbox where user report their issue. The mails are taken care by different people in the team. I would like to know if we can track which emails were actioned by which person in the team. Let me know if this is possible through a tag in the email or we can pull the reports. Thanks
  12. Hi, I have created an email rule which will create service request when fall into defined category. When created ticket, it is not assigned to any team and there is no priority defined. I have created a business process as well where I have mention what priority it should have and which team it should be assigned to. I need to know how I can link these processes.
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