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Change start/ end times around midnight not working


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I've just noticed I can't select start/ end times around midnight in our change progressive capture


Start 20/06/19 23:00

End   21/06/19 00:05

It works if I select 01:00


Can we also get an update for the defect PM00155911 - times for proposed start/end being 1 hour out.

It has been outstanding for 2 months now :(




Change time error.PNG

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@nasimg as James mentioned and we discussed at #insights19 yesterday, the defect will be fixed in the next Service Manager build.

For scheduling tab, I've made some changes to better validate how the second date/time fields behave. Because of the time control we have available, it will work the way you want it to, you just need to click on the down arrow to be able to select the right hour:


This will also be in our next update.

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Thanks @chaz

But to confirm your changes work you need to choose midnight the following day - in your screenshot you have chose midnight at the beginning of the same day rather than the following day (ie the 23/06/2019 00:00)

Ideally the "To" date/time shouldn't allow something before the "From" date/time - this would reduce the chance someone making the same mistake as you have done :D


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