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I want to add data to the 'About' section of user records using Custom Fields>Attribute  1.  This field is populated by default with a '1'.  I'm not sure why this is, but every time I enter data into this field and save it, when I check the next day, the field once again is populated by a 1, thus losing my entered data.

Any idea why this is happening please?

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When customer data changes every day, the first thing I always check is whether you have a customer import running overnight.
If this is the case, and this is populating the attribute with the value '1' then removing that from the import will resolve this issue - however, it may be wise to use a different attribute in this situation in case the value being imported is important.

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Thanks @Steve Giller

We've checked and our Active Directory auto-provisioning json files include


Clearly this is the reason for the number population.  However, to stop it doing this, is it just a simple case of removing these lines from the script?

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@Stuart Torres-Catmur Yes, removing those should stop the overnight changes.

It might also be worth checking that you're using the latest version of the LDAP Import - there have been a number of updates and improvements that you're missing out on if you're on an earlier version.
The latest version can always be found here.

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