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View Details Form is not working as expected

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we currently have 2 instances of Hornbill, both of which are on the current latest build for Service Manager. However, one of the instances will not let me edit the 'View Details Form' on the Services/Catalog page - when I select it I just get a window with the name of the Service as below. Can anyone advise why this is happening at all please? NB I noted  this was not working last week, and I was hoping it may be due to this instance not having been updated since December, but it has now been updated to the latest build, Initially I was able to go into it about 15 minutes ago, then when i came out of the View Details Form window it will only now display the below message.

Thanks !


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Hi Chaz

I have checked this again today, and I can access the View Details Forms on other Services, but can not open it on this particular Service ? Below 1st screen shot is the View Details Form opening on one Service, and the second shows what I am getting when trying to open it on other Service

I could not see any obvious difference though as to why it opens on one, and not the other ?




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To follow up on this thread with the support request outcome, the issue seems to be isolated when using IE and seems to be caused by the "&" character used in description for custom fields on forms. Devs are looking into this. Interim suggestions are to use a different browser or not use "&" but the word "and" in custom fields description, if possible...

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