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Auto-apply updates to requests logged via e-mail routing


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Hi all,

We use PRTG as our IT monitoring system which is setup to alert in the event of any components hitting defined triggers. Once triggered it is currently set to e-mail the address within Hornbill.

I've then setup e-mail routing to automatically raise incidents for anything from PRTG. Problem is we sometimes get multiple alerts for the same thing. I know it's possible to automatically update requests when they contain a reference for example but wondered if something similar could be achieved in this case also? Below are some example duplicate incidents.


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Hi @dwalby

Thanks for your post.  I think that the challenge is that without the Request ID in the email, it isn't going to have anything that is unique to link the email with an existing request. 

Monitoring tools tend to have some controls or rules around alerts to prevent flooding people or other systems with alerts. Starting with these may reduce the number of incidents raised for the same issue. 


Another approach would be to not raise a request for an alert, but instead create a workspace in Hornbill for these automated alerts and have these emails create posts rather than requests and then manually raise a request once you know if it is an issue and not a false alarm.



Another  approach would be to look at tight integration through the use of API.  Both PRGT and Hornbill have APIs and possibilities of integration.

In the future we would love to have some form of entity in Service Manager for Events and Event correlation, but no concrete plans for this yet. 




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