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Emails To Large for Mailbox - Pictures


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We have been advised that when anyone is trying to sent a couple of pictures into the mailbox its being returned as undelivered due to the size of the email. Is there anyway we can amend the size our shared mailbox will allow in? These size of emails are accepted in via outlook therefore hoping it can be amended to allow this size on Hornbill.



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@stuartmclennan the logs are showing that the email was over 31MB is size.  The cloud team have commented that the actual size of the email can be significantly bigger than the total size of the email attachments, as more is sent with the email than just the attachments.   They have tested again and you should be fine for emails not exceeding 31MB.    

They have asked if you could share any error message you may have got back so we can just ensure there is nothing else going on here.

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