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  1. @Deen only inbound, we use our own Helpdesk email address, once this his our GSA email address this should then be automatically forwarded into the shared mailbox however this isn't happening which it previously was. Our IT guy believes there needs to be some authorization or approval from the Hornbill side to allow this to be forwarded on?
  2. Now that the changeover has taken place, all emails which go to our own company Helpdesk email address are not being forwarded onto the shred mailbox, does anyone know how I can resolve this?
  3. Could you please tell us if Hornbill system support Multi factor authentication, and also if we were to setup SPF record for email delivery, what are the exact settings for that.
  4. Hi Can someone please confirm if Hornbill is compatible with 365?
  5. Hi Our IT are going to be update our system this weekend to 365 I will need to speak to someone from Hornbill so that they can amend their system for emailing from office 365 Is there any possible way this can be picked up ASAP to ensure we don't have any downtime over the weekend? Thanks
  6. @Keith Stevenson Thanks for the above, I have spoken with our IT guys and they have now managed to resolve the issue, I believe it was something to do with the authentication. Thanks
  7. @Gerry Hello We do have a new IP address however I am unsure how to actually update this, do you know where I can find this? Thanks
  8. Hello Our IT tea have input a new line/new IP address tonight which has resulted in us not being able to email out from Hornbill. Our IT guys have looked at it and been unable to resolve this issue. Can someone please look into this for me ASAP as we are currently unable to email our customers/managers through Hornbill.
  9. Hi both @David Hall @Victor Yes, the export is directly from the request list, for example a lit of all calls raised in the past week for a client. I have just tried to pull a report there and no description or resolution text is showing.
  10. Hi, I have also notice that when we export data the description text & resolution text is no longer visible, I am unsure if this is a result of the slight changes I have made or not however need to quickly understand how to fix this as we require this info for client reports.
  11. Hi I can also confirm that I have checked all services and Moto has been added to each service as an organisation however still not showing when going to raise a call against a Moto site.
  12. Hi I have recently attached teams/organisations to each service we have however for some reason a selected few organisations have no services attached to them, the pictures attached shows the issues, can anyone advise how I can subscribe services to the organisation?
  13. hi @James Ainsworth Thanks for the above, I have tried the above and when I change the "subscribers" section to just Team Helpdesk the only team I want to be able to view this service this then removes this service when trying to log a ticket. Can you advise how I can only have the Helpdesk team to view a certain service? I have tried every option and cant seem to get it, the obvious way to do it it have the subscriber as "helpdesk" only but when I do this the Helpdesk team are unable to log a ticket against this service as it doesn't show when creating a new request.
  14. Hi @James Ainsworth Thanks for confirming the above, I am currently trying to split this by creating separate services & separate teams however doesn't seem to be working, the service only shows when I put the subscribers to "all contacts" however this therefore shows the service to everyone and not just the dedicated team I want to see it. Can you please advise?
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