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Emails truncated in timeline


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We've noticed that long emails from customers are truncated in the timeline. This in itself is not a major problem since you can view the original email.

But the visual cue when this happens is just three little dots at the end of the timeline entry. This is easily missed by the analyst so it would be better to either allow the whole email text in the timeline or add a more noticable cue that the text has been truncated.

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Guest Chaz

@HHH there's a maximum amount of text allowed, so if the email is longer than that limit, we take the last 3 characters off and add the ... at the end.

We could make it more obvious, but you would still need to click on 'Show More' before seeing that there's more to read? Perhaps something more obvious up front would be better but not sure what that could be just yet :)

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