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Hi @Malcolm

Thanks for your post.

As pointed out, adding something to your News Feed is generally done by following something.  Throughout Hornbill there are many different things that you can follow.  It might a co-worker, a workspace, a customer, a document, and much more.  The idea behind the News Feed is that you opt-in to the things that are important to you.  If all Timeline entries from all requests that you participate in were added to the News Feed, there may be concern around too much information and you may get News Feed overload.  

On the Request List we do have some 'Multi-select' options that you can apply to more than one request.  Maybe having an option for follow/unfollow could be a nice addition to these actions

I would be interested in your ongoing feedback as you use the News Feed.  Let us know if you still feel that you would benefit from having all updates on all requests added to the News Feed.




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Hi @Malcolm

What type of information would you be interested in following regarding a team?  Workspaces are a great way to work with a team.  You can create a workspace for a team where you can discus topics or different aspects of support.  For example you could have an Incident workspace for your incident team where co-workers collaborate on issues.  You can even have incidents automatically post updates to this workspace as part of the workflow.  As a member of a workspace, all posts and comments in that workspace will show up in your News Feed. 


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