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Group Box in BPM designer - nodes open up all over the place!

Guest Paul Alexander

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Guest Paul Alexander

I like the idea of having group boxes in the BPM designer to keep the screen a little tidier when you're creating a complicated BPM. 

However, whenever I need to amend anything in these group boxes, the nodes within the box always seem to either just show up in the top left hand corner (meaning I then have to select and drag and reposition them back in their group box) or otherwise the nodes just don't seem to show completely IN the box:





This happens a lot unfortunately - SOMETIMES, if the nodes just show up in the top left hand corner, clicking and dragging the closed group box to a different screen location and then reopening it sorts it out. But when the nodes just show up wherever they want (as in the above example) I haven't found a way to get it to sort itself out,

Any ideas please?


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Hi @Paul Alexander,

If you can DL the process and send it to me via messaging on here i will have a look at it for you and try see whats going on. It is obviously losing its x,y info which sorted out (at least i thought) ages ago.

It could be a JS error is occuring before it has re-positioned everything and so aborts.


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