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Approval Task set to expire automatically


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On BPM i have not set any duration for a task to expire, but when a task is created, it seems to automatically set to expire in 3 days.




How do I stop the task from expiring, as I have not set option to what happen when it expire ( I don't want the task to expire, only need due date as a reminder to assignee)


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HI @Joyce i have looked to replicate your issue but it seems to be fine on my instance when i mirror your config:


Resulting in no Expiry setting on the created task


In the example you have stated, did the approval / task have an expiry previously?  is there a possibility that the task shown in running against a request running an old process before you made the change to the process i.e any requests in flight will use the process definition as it was at the time the request was spawned and not any changes which are made to the process after that point (they would only apply to new requests).

If the above is not the case, perhaps you could upload a copy of your business process here, so we can download onto our instances and see if we spot anything else in the config?


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