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Request Type per Analyst Widget


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I am trying to create a widget that displays a bar chart showing the number of open requests per analyst in a certain team, where the x-axis is the analyst (owner) and the y-axis is the number of requests.

Is this possible? If so, how would I go about setting this up? I've managed to create a bar chart that displays the number of requests as a whole that each analyst in a certain team owns, but cannot work out how to split further into request type per analyst.



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Hi Lauren

If I have understood your requirement correctly, I believe you are able to do this by adding 2 "Series" to the widget. A series can be found at the bottom of the "SQL Group By" wiget (which I assume you are already using). So if you keep the same criteria you are currently using to get to total number of open tickets grouped by Owner, and add two series - one for Incidents (h_requesttype = 'Incident') and one for Service Requests (h_requesttype = 'Service Request'), this should split each individuals bar chart columns into 2, with the divide between the types

So to set up the series:


And the resulting chart looks like this:


Is this what you are looking for?

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