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Assign to Requester Team


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Hi @Joanne

The Assign to request creator option only works if you specify the Team in which that request should sit as well - because you can't have a request that is assigned to an indvidual or not a team. So you need to be careful here that if you do use it (and specify the team), that any potential request creator resides within that team - otherwise you will also have the error



There is an alternative however - Ensure you have a Get Request Information task in your workflow, and for the assignment use the task - Assign to Owner (variable). You can then set the Owner Variable as the Request Creator (as per my screenshot below). 

One important thing about this method - if the creator is a member of more than one support group, it will AUTOMATICALLY pick the one that is first in the list (i.e. the one they were first assigned to)

I hope this helps!





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