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Rule to email muplitple people


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We have a couple of cases for a product where we need to email Directors or Managers outside of Hornbill if a call is raised under a particular service and location. I'm trying to work out the best way of doing this within the business process? or through email templates? Any thoughts. 



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Hi @chriscorcoran

I'd do this with a simple decision node in the BPM. Create a specific email template for the Directors and/or Managers outside of Hornbill, and then invoke the relevant business process when a request gets logged against the relevant service. Use a decision within the process at whatever point you want to check the service and/or location, and if it matches then send an auto email to the relevant users using the newly created email template.

If there are multiple options then you will need multiple nodes - one for each option (i.e. just managers, just directors, both managers and directors, etc. if required)

If the service / location don't match the required condition in the decision node then it won't send the email at all. You can have multiple conditions within one branch of a decision too, so you can check for both location and service at the same time (if that works best for your situation).




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