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Change Management Authorisation Email


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We have created a Change Management policy which is working, however we would like to amend the task for Approval. Is there a built in email template that can be used to email the CAB Approver(s) which has the "Approve" & "Reject" buttons in the email?

Do we have to amend the BPM Process to add a task at the Approval Node to email Co-worker?



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@JO_7001 there is a system setting under admin console > service manager > settings which will automate the sending of the confirmation email on ALL authorisation tasks if enabled


So nothing to change in your business process, just beware it is a global setting so will apply to all authorisation tasks in all processes

If you want to tweak the content / layout of the email that is sent - the default email template is TaskAuthoriserNotification 

Hope that helps


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