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  1. Morning, Is anyone experiencing timeouts when trying to access their Service Portal and Customer Self Service Page: I've checked the status page and everything states operational, any ideas? Thanks Josh
  2. I am suddenly finding that I am unable to run the reports that we generate on a daily basis. I ran the report yesterday without issue but this morning, the Output file is stating "Pending" but I receive the following error in the lower right hand corner: "The specified column 'h_pdf_ref' does not exist in the result set' Any ideas how this can be resolved, I have attempted to create a new report based on the original and I receive the same error. Regards Josh
  3. Just a very quick one hopefully, does anyone know if there is a limit set on the mailbox within Service Manager? I've noticed over the past couple of weeks that if the "Inbox" & "Deleted Items" totals over 1000 items then a warning triangle appears next to "Sent Items", is this due to a limitation on the mailbox function? Or is this due to the User Mailbox exceeding a certain limit that Service Manager cannot deal with?
  4. Hi @James Ainsworth Thanks for coming back to me, I can confirm that the user receiving the email in this case is myself and I am a Full HB User, I have tweaked the email template now so that at least I can get Summary and Details of the request, but for whatever reason it cannot read the taskOutcomes. Thanks Josh
  5. I have set up our Change Process to email the TaskAuthoriserNotification email so that our CAB Approvers are able to receive the email and then select "Approve" or "Reject" from within the email, however the email that is being sent is not populated with any information: I have copied the BPM Process as well for reference: Everything works within the process as it will send the email, however the template is just missing the key elements i.e. the Approve and Reject keys.
  6. Morning, I am looking for a little guidance, I have recently changed our IR Process to log cases from either the Self Service Portal or Email with a default category of "Logged by Email" or "Logged by Self Service". I am looking to make a similar change to our Starters Process which is based on our Service Request BPM - All Starter requests are emailed into the Service Desk so I am looking to set these cases with a Default Category that we already have "New Starters" Would anyone mind pointing out where would be the best place to start in the Starters BPM, I have attached a screenshot which shows the current state of the BPM The Custom Expressions that have been used in the IR Process are as follows: Flowcodes->Get Request Information->Source (Analyst/Email/Post/Request/Self Service) == Email Flowcodes->Get Request Information->Source (Analyst/Email/Post/Request/Self Service) == Self Service I thought that adding a Decision Node after "Assign to Team" with the above Custom Expressions would then allow for the BPM to process and assign the emailed requests to the Default Logging Category of "New Starters" however the process followed the "No Match" criteria and ignored the decision and processed the requests as previously. Any pointers or assistance would be greatly appreciated.
  7. Followed the advise from this forum: and the decision node has been amended within Fulfillment and Closure as there was a typo within the Custom Expression for Status Closed
  8. Hi @David Hall Thanks very much. I thought it would be a nice and simple fix.
  9. I have just amended our Service Request Process to remove the "Approval Node", just to confirm that this has worked I have logged a test SR and all has worked however I can see that the Checkpoints are still listed within the Timeline: I have gone over the BPM to make sure that there are no other references but I have a feeling as though there is something cached but I am unsure how to resolve this, does anyone have any ideas? I have taken a screen shot of the Before & After SR BPM Process Before: After: Thanks
  10. We have created a Change Management policy which is working, however we would like to amend the task for Approval. Is there a built in email template that can be used to email the CAB Approver(s) which has the "Approve" & "Reject" buttons in the email? Do we have to amend the BPM Process to add a task at the Approval Node to email Co-worker? Thanks
  11. @Victor Thanks much appreciated.
  12. Morning, Since the latest update to Service Manager we have noticed that the Service Request Process seems to be failing on the "Process Complete" node within the BPM. This is only affecting SR's and all Sr's will close however the bottom right of the screen will display "Error. No matching gotoIf found...." I have found numerous other posts referencing this error however the BPM (which I have attached) does show a decision node prior to the end of the process and the Custom Expressions are set specifically to "Closed" via the Flowcode > "newStatus". Do I need to add a node prior to "Process Complete" in order to refresh the status of the request? Thanks
  13. @Victor Thank you for coming back to me on this, I have attached a snip from the Human Task associated to this error within the BPM.
  14. We have recently started using the Change BPM with a few tweaks of our own. I have been testing the various processes and assigned tasks and I have found that when we are logging a Standard Change at the point that the assigned task is to "Perform the Change" I receive the attached Invocation Error I have dug around in the logs and I have found the following: 2018-11-30 12:03:26Z [INFO]:[PROFILE]:[8496] data:queryExec() Method call results: success (244293632 B, 8 ms, -32 kB, 0 ms, 0 kB) 2018-11-30 12:03:26Z [INFO]: :[2920] SELECT count(*) as cnt FROM h_sys_accounts WHERE h_user_id = 'Username' AND h_class = 1 [2681 us] 2018-11-30 12:03:26Z [WARNING]:[SYSTEM]:[2920] XMLMC Request Failed: The specified user 'Username' does not exist 2018-11-30 12:03:26Z [ERROR]:[PROFILE]:[2920] task:taskCreate2() Method call results: failure (244301824 B, 6 ms, -12 kB, 0 ms, 0 kB) 2018-11-30 12:03:26Z [ERROR]:[COMMS]:[6280] The specified user 'Username' does not exist 2018-11-30 12:03:26Z [INFO]:[SQL]:[6280] UPDATE h_bpm_instance SET h_state = ?, h_current_node = ?, h_current_state = ? WHERE h_id = ? 2018-11-30 12:03:26Z [INFO]:[GENERAL]:[7420] Invocations (95cf7f45-f89f-4948-bc58-b2d0b3ace531): bpm/processGetState (I have removed Names from the above and replaced with 'Username') I have looked within Database Direct for h_sys_accounts and the accounts that are listed are none of the IT Department but random users from around the business. I have checked the BPM Process for this task and the Owner of the task is System Administrator and the task is Assigned to the Variable ["ownerId"] Is there anything that you are aware of that can resolve the above? Thanks
  15. We have currently split out a number of our Routing Rules for Starters, Leavers and other forms that we regularly receive and need logging within Service Manager. I have created a rule as follows: fromAddress = "recruitment@ourdomain" AND subject LIKE "New Starter -%" We have a similar rule set up for our Leavers & Change of Detail forms which come through and log without issue however the above fails and the emails just sit within the Inbox within Service Manager, I have checked the log files and I have found the following error: 17993 10 Aug 2018 10:35:56 error comms 6448 Operation[apps/com.hornbill.servicemanager/arOperation:raiseNewRequest] FlowCode Exception (com.hornbill.servicemanager/flowcode/fc_ar/raiseNewRequest): nodeName: Exception; nodeId: 4c011328-a5a4-48c5-9aaa-26f4b6006e2b; At 354/1: "Uncaught FCSException: Application Setting 'app.email.routing.rules.unknownUser.sendRejectionEmail' is disabled." throw(e); _fc_node_exec_4c011328_a5a4_48c5_9aaa_26f4b6006e2b The Recruitment email address is a Shared Mailbox rather than a User Account, can you advise if the above error is received because the email address is a Shared Mailbox and by enabling the above will that allow the emails from this address to then be logged using the routing rule mentioned above?
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