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Add owner as member before reassigning


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We often reassign requests to 2nd line support or other groups and in order to keep tabs on them we add ourselves as member before reassigning.

It would save a lot of clicks if this could be done automatically in a similar way to app.requests.addColleagueAsMemberWhenRaising. So adding an "app.requests.addOwnerAsMemberWhenReassigning" setting

Or a one click button "add me as member"

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The primary purpose to the Member feature is to provide visibility or access rights to someone that would not normally have access to the request.  This being they are not a member of the team that the request is assigned to and they are not a member of a team that supports the service that the request is associated with.  In your scenario, does the team that assigns the request to 2nd line support the service that the request belongs to?

The setting app.requests.addColleagueAsMemberWhenRaising follows this same logic, where it will only add the person as a member if the request they are creating is being assigned to a team and a service that they are not part of.  

If you are re-assigning to the 2nd Line,  and you are only part of the 1st Line, but you are both listed as supporting teams to the service, you don't need to use the Member feature to maintain access, as you will already have it.  You may find using the Follow option on the Timeline as more beneficial as you will receive updates in your Newsfeed on the progress which is something that being a member doesn't do.



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