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BPM decision - Assign task to requester's manager (unless requester is a manager)


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Hi all,

I'm trying to re-design our Change Management process so that changes raised by non-management staff are assigned to their line manager, the line manager would then assess whether the change is Standard, Normal or Emergency. Any Changes raised by management staff are self-assessed by the manager who raises the Change Request. To clarify:

  • Scenario 1 - Change Request raised by non-management analyst > Assigns a task to their line manager to assess the change
  • Scenario 2 - Change Request raised by management > Assigns task to manager who raised the Change Request 

My initial thoughts for Scenario 1 are: Add a custom expression decision with Assigned Team (for tasks) = Teamname and Job title does not contain 'manager' , 'lead' etc. variable which then routes a Human Task to the line manager using the Manager variable (From owner details)

Scenario 2 would be be routed based on no match and assigned to Owner or Created By

This may be a really convoluted and messy way of doing it however so wanted some advice and guidance on any other recommended ways?

The reason we're looking to do it this way is because currently ALL Change Requests get assigned to the Change Manager, but the Change Manager isn't knowledgeable in each of the IT Business Units to be able to make a informed decision on whether it is Standard, Normal or Emergency. So the thinking is, the line manager (business area subject expert) would perform the assessment. The idea is that this will speed up the Change process.

Thanks in advance

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@dwalby i think you are on the right track with a decision node and different branches based on an attribute of the customer.   

So if you used a Get Customer Info node ahead of a decision, you could then use your decision (custom expression) to check if they are a manager - either a ''''contains''' option on their job title, or if you contained a value in one of the customer attributes (custom fields) you could evaluate if that value is met or not - say  Attrib1 = Manager 

* If the custom expression is met i.e they are a manager then branch to a human task and assign the task to variable Customerid (from get customer details)

If the custom expression is not met i.e they are not a manager, then branch to a human task and assign to the variable Customers Manager (from get request details)

Obviously this assumes that the management users are subscribed collaboration / platform users (not basic users) who can be assigned tasks.  


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@dwalby ok sure if your analysts are doing this then yep use the Get Owner info node and Manager option from the Owner variable info if they are not approving this themselves.  If it is the analyst themselves (i.e the request owner) then it would be the owner (for tasks) variable from the get request info node. 

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