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quick question about priorities


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We are looking to amend our priorities and also remove some of them. If I delete a priority, will this effect existing tickets with this priority? Or is a better option to ‘switch off’ the priority (using the toggle button) until all of these requests have been closed??

Any help would be much appreciated!



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Hi @Ria

You can switch these off which will then not make them available to select on requests.

If you disable a priority which is already applied to a request, then this will persist on the requests where it is used (it has been written to the request table in the database)

However you will not see the option to change to this disabled priority in the priority drop down. In the example below i have disabled High priority but it is still on the request details but not available to pick any longer in the priority list.


A couple of things to consider if you were thinking of deleting priorities would include:

* Are you making decisions in any bpm's based on those priorities which you want to delete?

* Are you auto setting any of the priorities you wish to delete in any of your business processes?

* Do you have Service Level rules set up based on any of the priorities you are thinking of deleting?

Hope this helps



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