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Routing email with more than one address fails


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Please can someone help me figure out why emails don't get routed if there is more than one email address in the To: field

E.g. People might email our mailbox but include another person as well, not cc'd. -


To: <removed_email_address>; <removed_email_address>

The syntax I'm using is:

toAddress = '<removed_email_address>' or '<removed_email_address>'

I have also tried, which fails even without a 2nd email address added

toAddress IN '<removed_email_address>' or '<removed_email_address>'


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@Steffen - you are using an incorrect syntax. Routing rule expressions follow the SQL rules for syntax (https://community.hornbill.com/topic/13777-routing-rules-do-not-process-emails/)

As such your expression needs to be: 

toAddress = '<email_address_1>' or toAddress = '<email_address_2>'

or if using the IN operator

toAddress IN ('<email_address_1>', '<email_address_2>')


Note: I have removed the email addresses from your above post. Hornbill section of our forums is publicly accessible therefore I advise prudence in posting such information.

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