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New email features - feedback


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Hi all,

I just wanted to take a second to thank everybody at Hornbill for the recent massive change around emails and rich text formatting within a request! This is a very long awaited feature (for me anyway) and one of the very few key feature that was missing compared to the competition. So well done for the change, and thank you! :D

In my organisation, the change was reasonably well received. Many struggled with the snippets (and how to use them properly with our email templates), to the point that this was the only thing I could hear all day. People are never happy, are they? They have been moaning about emails formatting since day 1, and now that it is here they still find something to moan about!? :angry:

Thankfully, some of my colleagues found the change extremely useful and well done. They love it and actually see the added value. Surprisingly, it is mainly the people who are generally bad with computers (e.g. don't know how to take a screenshot properly) who were very pleased with the change :blink:. Go figure...

I would be interested to hear some feedback from other customers too... What have you heard about it? What is your experience with it?

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As with @Lyonel there are mixed feelings about it at the moment BUT i've been able to explain to users when they ask and they can definitely see how much of an improvement this is going to be.

Something that was asked - could we have a "Refresh" template button which will refresh the currently selected template... the reason why is that some requests come over with no Customer assigned to the ticket, or sometimes the customer of the ticket changes.

If we accidentally opened the email action it will pre-populate with the default template... then we change the customer of the ticket... in order for the variables to populate we have to re-select the template again. If we had a refresh template button, it will simply re-load the same template and the variables will finally populate.

Can this be done?



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