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Multiple "Request Categories"?


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Hi all, 

We are looking at a way to get different request categories displayed dependant on whether the user is a "customer" (logging tickets via the portal) or an "agent" - does anyone know if this is possible? 

The best example of this is that the IT staff may need to log a request against software/hardware that shouldn't be available for all users to select i.e. a server. We want the agents to be able to select this when raising tickets, say for server maintenance but ideally, the "customers" don't even see this as an option. 

 We are using the default "Request" profile under System > Data > Profiles but there doesn't seem to be an option within the "Request Category" form in "Progressive Capture" 



The only way I can think to get round this is to create multiple lists which could get messy. 


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Hi @Jack_Podmore whilst there isn't an option to filter the returned categories in Progressive Capture for different users, there are a few things you could consider.

1. I am sure you are already aware but you can filter the displayed categories to ALL users based on the service they are logging the request against - you can set this at the service > request config > request type level

So in my example below, for my Manage My Talent service, i have selected the HR branch, so only the child items will be displayed in progressive capture use the category form, or in a request logged against this service - this means ALL users choices are limited to the HR ones, not any other branch of the category tree - so this may help limit their choices. 


2. It is possible in progressive capture so ask different questions / show different forms based on where the progressive capture is being used - i.e by end users on the portal, or agents in the Service Desk.

So in my example below you could put a decision at the beginning of the progressive capture - and use the custom expression to say if portal type = Service Desk, show the Request Category Form, if not don't show the Request Category form - this would allow your agents to set an appropriate category but not show the category form to your end users


3. Another options would be using the business process options to Update Request > Category, and in your business process linked to the catalog items in the service, possibly link a category automatically to any requests raised against specific catalog items without the need for agent or end user selection and then not use the category form at all. - I appreciate this option would only work if you have a granular service > catalog item structure in place.

I appreciate these do not give you the option to filter the returned categories for different users, but perhaps there is some useful bits in there which may help, or could be used depending on how you are working





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