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Power BI Stopped Working


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I have been running Power BI reports on my machine for 2-3 months with no problems 

I updated to the latest version a few hours ago and now i get this message


I have not made any changes to the report and it was working perfectly before the update. 


Anyone else had the same issue?





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Hi @JamieMews ,

I can't replicate this issue (although I am seeing another issue with the latest version of Power BI Desktop, which I'll come to). A quick search of the Power BI Community pages reveals that this may be down to antivirus software causing permissions issues between Power BI and your R installation:


After updating my Power BI installation, I saw an issue where Power BI's security settings had been set to require approval for new native queries. This needed unticking before I could run any R script:


Let me know if this helps,


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