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Call Back - ability to record call source - Inbound/Outbound

Martyn Houghton

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We use the Call Back Action (Phone symbol) to record calls we both receive and make, with less frequency of recording requests for call backs. We then have  default Time Sheet category linked to action, so we can collate time spend on phone compared to other categories.

Would it be possible to have radio button (default can be call back) that has Call Back, Incoming Call, Outgoing Call, so that we can differentiate the type of call action being recorded.

Ideally depending on the value select the timeline entry initial action type would be updated to reflect the type as well.



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Hi Martyn,

You are using the Phone action for its defined purpose. Great to hear. Any communication over the phone can/should be captured using this action item.  We do have a change to allow you to differentiate between an outgoing and an incoming phone call along with a number of other improvements to the Phone Action item.  I'll add you to the change.  It is not schedule yet and I'll post back here once I have some new of its progress.



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