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@Gerry I mentioned this with Abdi at insights, and he suggested putting it on the portal. I wasn't sure where it should sit so thought I'd put it under general chat for now... 

For our intranet, we use a Tool called inline manual. It allows up to add tooltips to pages, create walkthroughs and interactive training guides. Have hornbill considered something similar? My initial thoughts are that it will be a great feature to make available as part of the portal, where hornbill customers could create their own branded walkthroughs for people using the portal. Guide them through how to log a request, or how to check status of their active requests etc... It's more interactive than creating accompany user guides or setting up training sessions, especially when there is a large user base. 

Here is a link to the company https://inlinemanual.com/

I'd be interested to hear your thoughts



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