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New Boards Manager Application


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Just to let you know we have made an initial release of the new Boards Manager Application to our App store.

This is a free application which is an enhanced version of the Boards we have in Service Manager currently but extends those capability to other parts of Hornbill as well.  Essentially allowing you to put things which aren't in ServiceManager  on the boards such as task, emails, documents etc.

A Overview of the BoardManager is given below, please feel free to try out the new application and let us know any feedback or problems you have.



Boardmanager is a tool for creating and managing boards to help you visualize and optimize the flow of your work. Boards can be designed with multiple lanes and cards representing items of work that can be moved from one lane to another to visually represent the progress of that piece of work. Each card can be a standalone item or could be related to something else within Hornbill such as a Servicemanager request; task; email; document; activity-stream post; organisation etc allowing you to co-ordinate your work from various different places. Boards can be shared with colleagues and teams to allow you to easily collaborate your work with other users; you can assign work by dragging and dropping users onto cards and discuss the work being done directly on the boards activity-stream.

Boardmanager features many visual features to make it easier to understand the state of your board at a glance: Lanes can be divided into sub-lanes and sub-headers to allow you to represent more granular states of progress on your board and they can be set with a limit so they will visually show when too many cards have been placed in them. Different colours and background images can be added to cards to highlight them and progress bar can be shown on a card to visually indicate the state of the card; Each card also has a visual history so you can see at a glance how that card has progressed through the board.



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So if this came onto our instance would it instantly affect our existing boards? If so how much? Just so I can prepare something for the users who uses it.



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@samwoo you can install the new boards app along side the existing boards in Service Manager, your current boards would be unchanged and you are able to use both side by side.  In ServiceManager you can configure services to use Board Manager as outlined in this post


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