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Import one-to-many relationships for assets

Guest Paul Alexander

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Guest Paul Alexander

I've been asked to update Hornbill software assets from an excel sheet. 

One of the software assets is aa drawing application which has one corporate license, and one serial key, but can (and is) used by over 100 people. 

What I'm looking to do is to import this one software asset, and to link it to 100 laptops (which are already assets in Hornbill).

How do I use either the asset import tool or the csv upload options to associate this ONE software asset with the multitude of different laptops please? Actually...that question should be CAN I use either the asset import tool or the csv upload option to do this?



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Hi @Paul Alexander

unfortunately both the asset import tool and the CSV upload  have not the ability to link assets. They are only used to upload new assets.

The quickest way of linking the 100 Assets to the ONE just added, is through the Link  Assets tab in the details page for the new asset: in there, you may search for the 100 Assets to link and then link them all in one go.




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