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Default request list view

P. Nordqvist

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I would like to have the possibility to configure what statuses are shown in the default request list and what is included in the "Total:" selection.
Currently you get a list view that by default shows all "New", "Open", "On-Hold" and "Resolved" calls.


What my Analysts don't like at all is that there is no possibility to just view the "Active" calls, which in our case would be the "New" and "Open".
The resolved calls are to 99% history and the "On-Hold" calls are not interesting at the moment.
What they want is simply to see all calls they should work on at the moment.

Here it would be nice to have an additional selection named "active" or something similar for "New" and "Open".

I know you can create your own views, but as soon as you select any other filter, your own view is not the active one any more.

Kind Regards

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@P. Nordqvist At the moment the statuses listed are the only ones you can have as written on our wiki page https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Request_List_Filters
Alternatively, you could add a view to show the active calls. The video on the wiki page shows you how you can add a View that will give you the 'New' and 'Open' calls. You can call that view 'Active' 



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