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Managing Incidents associated with Problem/Known Errors


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Hi all,

Interested to know how you all go about managing incidents linked/related to Problem and Known Error records?

Currently when an incident comes in we're using the 'Link' action then searching for the Problem/Known Error. If you don't know the Problem/Known Error exists however this may get missed. I've enabled the new feature that presents Known Errors based on a dynamic search of the Incident Summary/Desc when raising it - however I believe this only allows the customer to be marked as 'Impacted' by the Known Error. What is the benefit of this over linking? The reason we currently 'Link' incidents is to provide an understanding of the impact of the Problem/Known Error and allow us to know who to contact once a resolution or workaround has been identified. Once the resolution is available we then manually e-mail each incident customer individually

Ideally I'd like to be able to reduce the administration overhead of having to manually e-mail each incident customer individually and instead send a single update/resolution e-mail from within the Problem record - is this possible? Are there any other tips and suggestions to automate and streamline problem management process?

Thanks in advance


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If you link users to a request, when you close the request you can email all linked customers with the resolution email.

You just need to add a node 'Email connections' (as per screenshot)

This may be an easier way if informing all impacted parties rather than individual emails. 

You would have to test to see if closing linked requests would trigger the node correctly (I think you would have to put the node after the 'Set Status - Closed' node to have the best chance of that working. 

But if it does you could link a single incident ticket to the problem, link the users to the incident and then close the problem and have all notifications sorted for you. 


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