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Adding tasks/activities to boards.


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Hi All,

Apologies if this has already come up, couldn't see anything in my searching...

I'd like to make more use of the boards feature, which now appears a little limiting now we are also using Project Manager. 

Context: I want my staff to have a personal board which includes things everything they plan to work on that day (I then want to be able to add that to a slideshow, but have already +1'd an existing feature request to allow adding boards to slideshows).

Is there scope to extend the use of boards to allow the pinning of general and project manager tasks/activities?

Thanks in advance.


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To clarify, I realise there is a board view within Activities (already using this) but this is personal to each user and exclusive to tasks/activities. I want a shareable one which will let you pin requests, general tasks/activities and project manager tasks/activities. 



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@TSheward_SGW thanks for your post.  

We are busily working away on a new concept which will really help here and provide the ability to pretty much cover off everything you have mentioned above.  We are hoping to showcase this at our customer event at the end of June.

Hopefully you have your invite and you are able to join us to learn more about this and other exciting features we are working on:



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