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Attachments to Auto Emails


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Hi there

More and more we are craving the need to be able to attach associated files or a copy of the questionnaire to an auto email send by the BPM.  As you know we are using Hornbill for many of our HR and Business Support processes and often need to send an email to ,for example, the manager of the customer with the files associated to the request attached and we are having to use snippets which doesn't make the process as streamlined as I would like.

Is this something that could be looked at as an improvement?


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@SJEaton That is an interesting question. We are discussing internally but you might run into the problem of knowing which attachment you want the Manager of the customer to focus on if multiple attachments are sent. If you only want to send one attachment, might be an issue of selecting that particular attachment. We will get back to you as soon as we can.



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